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Poros to Olympic Marina

Yesterday saw the last leg of the first part of our journey from Poros to Olympic Marina, a 6 hour psssgage of approximately 34nm.

We awoke to a lovely calm dawn and saw the first ferry pass by.

Thankfully, the departure from our berth was trouble free and we motored down the channel with Poros disappearing in the distance behind us.

The wind was on our beam so we hoisted the sails and cruised along happily for much of the trip keeping our eyes peeled for a number of large container ships crossing our path.

As we neared the mainland, the wind became flukey so we dropped the sails and progressed north under engine power.

As we got closer to the marina we passed the Temple of Poseidon on the top of Cape Sounion which was a very impressive sight.

Built during 444-400BC, this Doric temple was devoted to Poseidon, the Olympian god of the sea and along with the Parthenon and the temple of Aphaia completes the sacred triangle of antiquity.

Half an hour later, we were at the entrance to the marina so put on our fenders, readied the boat for mooring and called them on VHF Channel 9 to herald our arrival.

A member of the marina staff came to meet us and we followed him to our berth where one of his colleagues was on the dock to meet us and take our lines. It was a tight space but with gentle nudges from the dinghy, we were soon in place and securely tied up.

We plan to stay in the marina until Sunday morning whilst we get ready for the next section of the voyage from here to our new base in Turkey.


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