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Perdika to Poros

We left Perdika at about 10.00 yesterday to make the trip to Poros, a journey of nearly 13nm that would take about 2 1/2 hours.

The wind was on our beam so we had a lovely sail most of the way.

We passed Methena which is known as the 'stinking shore' due to the pungent rotten egg smell of the hydrogen sulfide that bubbles up into the harbour. Opting to give this a miss, we left it well to starboard and continued on to Poros.

We dropped our sails before rounding Ak Dana and Ak Nedha and then saw Poros town in the distance.

Again, there were a number of mooring options but, as we were going to be staying for a couple of nights, we felt that being tied to a quay gave us more flexibility in terms of getting on and off the boat.

One has to take care navigating the narrow passage, particularly when the fast ferries from Athens are in town.

Despite arriving relatively early, the quays were pretty full, especially around the town centre but continuing south east, we found a good spot, dropped anchor and reversed back to the quay.

We had previously sailed charter boats from Poros before due to the fact that Donald's sister and husband have a house here and it was good to be back in this charming and bustling town.

We were moored in front of Apagio Taverna, which was full of local families at lunchtime, making the most of the Greek Orthodox Bank Holiday, always a good sign so we booked a table there for dinner. After all, we didn't have far to go!

We were rewarded with delicious food and wine plus great service and then back to the boat for the rest of the evening.


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