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A Day in Poros

We have a third crew member, Donald's nephew Sebastian (aka Seb), joining us in Athens for the onward journey, through the Cyclades and Dodecanese to Poros. With him confirming that he would fly in on Saturday, we had plenty of time to spare so decided to spend another day (yesterday) in Poros.

It's very vibrant in the main harbour during the morning as the ferries arrive so we went there for a coffee and watched the world go by.

The boat moored next to us with a crew of fun young students was due to be leaving that day and we wanted to be there when they did in case of any problems with tangled chains and anchors. The morning wore on and we decided to go back to the Apagio for lunch so we could be close at hand for when they departed.

Anorther delicious meal and we chatted to one of the owners who told us about his father, an artist who had done many paintings of Poros over the years that were displayed in a gallery to the rear of the restaurant.

Eventually, our young friends were ready to leave so we went back to the boat to see them off. The situation wasn't easy as there was a strong crosswind blowing them towards us and despite their helm's best efforts, they caught our chain with their anchor.

After some lowering and raising of chains and anchors, they were free and off down the channel to their next destination. We heaved a sigh of relief as we watched them go and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.

Later on, we strolled back to the main part of town for dinner followed by a night cap at one of the new bars along the quay.

All in all a most enjoyable few days before leaving for the mainland on Wednesday.


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